Men Cry Too

Just in case nobody every took the time to tell you, it’s okay to cry. You don’t have to ‘man up’. If anyone ever told you that when you were in pain they were wrong.

Suicide is the single biggest killer of men aged under 45 in the UK. In 2015, 75% of all UK suicides were male (

Sadly there have been high profile suicides such as Robin Williams, Chester Bennington, and Mike Thalassitis to name a few but why are things still not changing?

@lewiscapaldi hit the nail on the head. He said it should be as casual to say ‘I’m having a panic attack’ as it is to say I’ve got a cold.

If you’re struggling you have to speak out. You have to talk. There are so many people who love you and you don’t even realise because you can’t see past the thick, dark fog that’s engulfing you. It will get better. Little by little. The sun will shine again and you’ll feel the warmth on your face the way you once did. There is so much more to this life.

To everyone else check on your strong friend. I will say it until I am in blue in the face. Check. On. Your. Strong. Friend. If you have a Dad, brother, uncle, cousin, grandad, friend ask them how they are. Ask them how they REALLY are. Ask about details of their lives and look for clues. Listen to understand and not to respond. These conversations can be awkward but they are NECESSARY. How many times have we heard ‘I had no idea’ or ‘he always seemed so happy’. People are very good at hiding their emotions, you have to dig a little deeper.

You never know what one conversation, one phone call or one text could change in someone’s mind. It may be the tiny bit of hope they have been waiting for.

Check on your strong friend.

Roxie xo

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