January Blues

January is depressing, there’s no two ways about it. The weathers shit, the nights are dark, everyone’s fat from overindulging at Christmas and Theresa May is dancing us straight into a no deal Brexit. It’s all doom and gloom and it can be particularly difficult for those of us who suffer with mental health issues. It’s hard to see the light when you never see the sun.

As I was sitting in my room, my head swimming with pessimistic thoughts and my right thumb mindlessly scrolling through Instagram, I came across a quote which said ‘big ideas have small beginnings’ and it got me to thinking.

Why does January have to be shit? We dread it before it even arrives because we are all so convinced that it’s miserable, we are almost taught that January has to be an awful month. ‘Oh your Birthdays in January? Poor you’. Why have we all been shoehorned into this way of thinking?

Yes it’s cold and yes it’s dark. Maybe we don’t have as much expendable cash as we do during other months, but what if we looked at the positives of January? January is a time for new beginnings, new starts, new habitats, new lives! A time to put old worries and squabbles to bed. A time to get over grudges and look at the year ahead with positive wide eyed optimism.

If you are feeling blue this January, I ask you to look at the positives, to look at life. Some countries aren’t as lucky as those of us in the UK to get four seasons a year. We should embrace the winter and all its misery because it will soon be gone and we will all be too hot in bed and complaining of the heat, because we really aren’t built for heat in the UK. It’s a lose lose situation, or to different eyes it could be a win win.

So take that new fitness class, check out that new bar in town and learn a new hobby or skill.

This month (and year) is yours to do with it what you will. So live in the moment and take control. Let your big ideas have small beginnings!

Here’s to a wonderful January and a fabulous new year.

Roxie xo

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