Giving up on your dreams

Finding out that Andy Murray is being forced into early retirement has left me feeling totally gutted for him. I actually got really emotional watching the press conference with him as I can’t even begin to imagine what he must be going through. You can see how broken he is having dedicated so much of his life towards his passion to have it unjustly taken away.

I personally love to write and I always have, yet I do not work within a job which allows me to write. To write for a living is still my dream and something I can still chase. I can’t imagine what it would feel like to finally make that dream a reality and then have it snatched away from me.

I used to dance competitively and always just assumed that would be the route I would take in life. I was also fairly academic and as I approached my A levels it became apparent that I was going to have to make a choice; to follow my long standing dream of becoming a dancer or to apply to go to University.

It wasn’t an easy decision, but I chose University. I still love and miss dancing. Many of my dancer friends are travelling the world on cruise ships or dancing on famous stages across the globe, whilst I’m sat in my bedroom as it pisses down outside my window. However, I made a decision and I stand by my choice, but it doesn’t make it any less difficult to know that I gave up on my dream.

I sometimes wonder where I would be in life if I didn’t make the choice I made, but I wouldn’t be where I am today, or have met the people I did without making the decision to ‘give up’. All the blood, sweat, tears, costumes, long hours, sore feet and money were all still worth it as without them I wouldn’t be the person I am today. So, maybe all dreams aren’t supposed to become a reality, maybe they are just supposed to teach us lessons and help us along our path to finding a new dream.

So, (and I know I can’t speak on his behalf) but I believe if Andy Murray was given the chance to live his dream again, despite knowing it was going to end like this, I’m sure he’d take it. As I would do everything I did to work towards my dream, despite finding a new dream in the process.

Sometimes no matter how hard we work and no matter how badly we want something, things don’t always work out. Sometime’s our absolute all just isn’t enough. It’s shitty, but it’s true. We have to take the knock downs and the set backs. We have to fall on our faces and get back up. Work hard, don’t be bitter. Keep going. You’ll find a new dream, a new passion. It’s better to fall down chasing your dreams rather than always wondering ‘what if’.

So, if you’ve ever chased your dream and had it taken away, or worked hard for something only for it to not be all it ever seemed. It’s okay. It’s okay to be sad, it’s okay to admit that it isn’t what you wanted or isn’t leading you to where you thought it would. Sometimes dreams are just that, dreams.

Don’t ever feel guilty for giving up on your dream if you’ve realised it’s no longer something you want to pursue. We have it drummed into us to ‘never quit’ and ‘not to give up’, but don’t get caught up chasing something you no longer want just because you think you have to otherwise you’ll be a ‘quitter’. People grow and evolve and as a result, so do our dreams.

One day you’ll be able to look back on all of your dreams with fond memories, even the ones that never came to light. When you were little and you wanted be an astronaut or a ballerina you didn’t feel sad when you grew up and realised you hadn’t accomplished this, because you realised they were dreams and that things don’t always work out the way you expect.

Life is unpredictable and comes at us from all angles. Maybe you were meant for another purpose, trust that one day you will find your calling, most probably unexpectedly and when you’re not looking for it.

I urge you to chase your dreams if you can, but if they don’t work out or you decide to pursue something new, remember that it’s okay. A new dream is always around the corner.

Roxie xo

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  1. April 15, 2019 / 4:54 pm

    Great post illustrating how important it is to also not be so fixated on one single dream. Having multiple routes and possibilities definitely increases your chances of achieving a dream. Keep your options open 🙂

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