February 14th.

It’s just a date, but a date that has meaning attached to it. A date that fills many singletons across the globe with dread. A date that makes couples question where their relationship is going. A date that brings people joy and sadness.

Whether you’re single or in a relationship this February 14th, don’t let it get into your head. Remember, t’s just another day in the calendar.

It’s true what they say, the singles only see happy couples, and the couples only see happy singles. Each craving what the other has.

The singles want the couple’s security, they want the hand holding, the date nights and the movie nights in cuddled up on the sofa. They don’t want to be in the club at 1am, whilst some stranger named Paul dry humps their leg with his flaccid penis as he’s had four too many redbulls to get the soldier to attention. They want to be in the arms of their partner whispering sweet nothings to each other.

Yet the couples want the freedom the singles have, not having to consult another person in their life decisions, not having to consider another person’s feelings, not having to answer to anyone else. They don’t want to be arguing into the early hours when they could be out with their friends having an amazing night!

The thing is that when you’re in either situation you can only see the bad parts. Singles will feel lonely and like they’ll never find someone, whilst those who have found the one but are going through rough patches will be struggling on in their relationships and wondering when things became so hard.

Some couples celebrate and some don’t, either is fine. If you do celebrate it, don’t make those who don’t feel ashamed because your boyfriend sent flowers to work for you, but Claire’s boyfriend didn’t. To those of you who don’t celebrate, don’t make those who do feel guilty or embarrassed. Don’t call it a load of bollocks or a scam, it might be your opinion but if it’s making others happy then what’s the harm in it? We need to see more people smiling in this crazy world we live in.

Some choose to celebrate with friends whilst some celebrate with family and other loved ones. Some choose to ignore the day completely and some choose to hide away until it’s over. You don’t have to be in a relationship to be loved, not all loves are romantic. Some loves are complicated, some are painful, some are unrequited and some are platonic. You can celebrate in any which way you choose, do what makes your heart happy.

If you feel like a friend may be struggling today, remember to show them you care and that someone out there loves them. Drop them a text and check in, it might be all the love they need.

Roxie xo


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