Anxious minds

Hey, it’s been a minute.

Sorry I haven’t checked in or asked how you’re doing. I keep meaning to but then I get busy and my thoughts get scrambled. Before I know it, I’ve let myself run away with them because sometimes it’s easier to get caught up in everything rather than acknowledging the actual problem, you know?

I know you’ve been down and out of sorts and that I should be looking after you better and listening to you. I know you’re tired, the bags under your eyes and your pale lips are dead give aways. The skin around your finger nails and your clothes which have gotten looser are tell tail signs of your struggle. Not to mention the look of fear in your eyes every time you see your reflection. Rearranging your features and plastering a smile on your face fooled me for a while, convinced me even, but not now.

I promise to do better, to try harder. I know you’ve needed me and I’ve not been there. I know there’s still a little hope in you, I know you can keep fighting. Especially now I’m here to support you. I wish I’d stepped up sooner, but you have to believe me when I tell you it isn’t too late. Your loudest laughs have not yet been laughed, your favourite meal has not yet been ate and your greatest day has not yet been had. Hang on in there and we’ll get through it together.

I’m here to tell you, my mind, that I’m ready to talk and we’re going to fight this thing together.

Roxie xo


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