I’m a normal twenty something trying to battle through this strange thing we call adulthood! I suffer with anxiety. Some days this is crippling, some days it’s just a little gremlin lurking in the shadows.

I write about lifestyle, fitness, food, fashion and pretty much anything that takes my fancy. I’ll also sometimes delve into the world of mental health when I’m feeling brave!

The Facts

Firstly, I’m one sandwich short of a picnic. I love tea. My greatest love affair is with books. I’m a marketers dream, anything deemed ‘pretty’ or ‘girly’ and I am SOLD. I used to dance competitively and I’m passionate about all things dance and theatre. I hate tomatoes. Enjoy prosecco often. I have a professional camera I can’t use. I have a guitar I can’t play. I have too many clothes but I don’t have anything to wear. I fight with my own mind every day. I have a Geography degree. I’m passionate about our planet and sustainability. Lover of all things Marvel. I have a boyfriend I love. A family who is amazing and supportive. Friends who are wonderful. I’m an animal lover. Travel enthusiast. Nervous flyer. Eminem fan. Mumford and sons fan. Music fan in general. Oh and I like to bake.

Thank you for visiting my page. If you wish to embark on this adventure with me, follow me on social media for regular updates.

Lots of Love

Roxie xo