5 Ways You Can Overcome Sunday Night Anxiety

It’s Sunday night, you’ve had a great weekend and now all of a sudden a dark cloud is settling all around you. It’s slowly engulfing you and you feel more nervous by the minute. You’re already dreading tomorrow morning and the thought of work makes you nauseous. You’re trying to figure out whether to phone in sick tomorrow, but you know you won’t because you have anxiety and phone calls are NOT for you. We’ve all been there and it’s shit, so here are the five things I do each week to help with my Sunday night anxiety.

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Monday Morning Workout

You may hate me for even suggesting this, but once you get into a routine I cannot even begin to tell you how much this will help you in the long run. This can be anything you like whether that’s going to the gym to lift weights, doing yoga at home or as part of a class or a morning walk, whatever works for you. It may be horrible trying to drag your head off the pillow first thing in the morning BUT my way of looking at it is, I’m going to be tired whether I get up at 5.30am or 6.30am so I may as well get up the hour earlier and fit in some form of exercise. It really helps to set the tone for the week and you’ll feel great having achieved something first thing on a Monday. Over time and as it becomes part of routine it becomes easier to get up and get going!

Get Organised

Pack your bag the night before. Finish off that report, send that email. Having things looming over you and knowing you should have already done or need to finish them first thing isn’t going to do anything for your stress levels. Get everything finished off ready to start a new week fresh.

Self Care Sundays

Make Sunday evenings your time for self care. Relax with a herbal tea and book in the bath to help you unwind, don’t sit and brood over your feelings. Find something positive to do with your time to take care of yourself and tae your mind off the morning. Paint your nails for the new week ahead, listen to music, watch a film. Anything to help you keep your mind busy and to help keep negative thoughts at bay. Believe me, suffering with anxiety I know it isn’t as easy as ‘not thinking about it’ but keeping busy does help to keep your thoughts distracted and gives you less time to catastrophise!

Plan some fun

Your week doesn’t just have to be work for the next five days. Take the time to plan out your week in your desk planner and be sure to add in at least one evening of doing something you enjoy whether that be going out for food with friends or going for a walk by yourself. This will give you something to look forwards to outside of work.

Set Goals

Take time to reflect and consider what you actually want to achieve from this week. Knowing that you’re going to go into work tomorrow with a purpose and a plan can help you to focus on achieving something positive rather than focussing on something negative. Set small achievable goals to keep you on track that lead to one bigger goal which is over a longer time scale. This will always help to remind you why you’re doing what you are, encouraging you to stay focussed and motivated.

These are 5 simple things I highly recommend doing to help you fight those sunday night blues. If you have any tips you’d like to share, leave them in the comments below!

Roxie xo

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