5 Reasons a Girls Night in is Vital for Your Mental Health

Sometimes when we’re feeling a little worse for wear, the best medicine is a night in with your girls. They can help you reset and readjust and as the saying goes a problem shared is a problem halved. After a girls night I often feel happier and more content within myself. You get to connect in a way that only you and your girls can, like when you give each other a certain look and end up in fits of laughter, no words necessary.

These nights help take us away from life’s stresses as we get lost in a world of crazy conversations from Chris Hemsworth, to heartbreak, to how many times a week we wash (or don’t wash) our hair. Pointless, but meaningful conversation that give us a new lease of life.

Below are my top 5 reasons why I think these nights are absolutely necessary for your mental health


People don’t like to use the word ‘gossip’. It’s thought of as a dirty word and has unkind connotations attached to it. However, I don’t mean gossip about people you know, other friends or work colleagues. I mean gossip about yourself. Fill in your friends on your life, completely indulge in yourself and share all the boring mundane details of your life. Talk about that project you’ve been working really hard on at work. Talk about how bad your period cramps were last week. Talk about how uncomfortable your bra is.

This is the sort of conversation me and my friends end up having often. Delving into our lives and sharing all the gory details. I’ve never once been bored or uninterested by a friends story, even if she is talking about how her new shoes give her blisters, for the simple reason that she is my friend and I therefore care about her and everything going on in her life, boring details and all! So, don’t be afraid to talk about yourself and open up to your friends.


Nobody is as honest as your brutal best friends. I know for a fact that if I showed up somewhere in a seriously uncoordinated outfit, with lipstick on my teeth my friends would calmly tell me. These nights are the opportunities to voice concerns and be open about problems knowing you will get an honest opinion. If one of my girls wants an opinion on something I am always tactful yet honest, because that’s exactly what I would want in return.

Ask difficult questions and get honest answers.

No Judgement

This ties in with honesty for me. You can be as upfront and open as you like knowing at the end of it all you will still have a friend to sit with you in the dark. If you’ve been a cow to your annoying line manager at work, you can tell them. They will set you straight, because that’s what good friends do, but they will also never judge you for it. We’ve all had our fair share of meltdowns, said things we shouldn’t have and over reacted to situations. It’s okay, they won’t hold it against you because they know that’s not who you are as a person. This is a way to release the poison inside you, to get things off your chest and be confident that you won’t be judged in the process.

Outside Perspective

Sometimes when we’re having a bad time or feel like we’re in a difficult situation we can’t see past our own feelings. Often when we talk about these issues out loud to our friends, they can view it from a different perspective and help us to understand different points of view. This can help us understand why another person may feel the way they feel, or why they can’t understand that you’re upset. Getting another perspective on any situation is always beneficial. For example, if my friend is having a good old moan about her boyfriend I can often say “I get where you’re coming from but…” and explain things from her boyfriends point of view.

You can be totally yourself

No fear of judgement, being laughed at or rude comments. You can feel totally at ease with yourself knowing you’re with your girls and that they will love you no matter what. Take these nights to become more at ease and confident within yourself. Your friends are your friends because they love you. They will listen and always be there for you knowing you will always be willing to return the favour.

Talking is good for your mental health. Getting problems off your chest and thoughts out of your head helps massively. Sometimes just saying something out loud to another person is all you need. Sometimes it’s awkward and you can feel self conscious speaking out, but I assure you that your true friends welcome your problems with open arms, reassuring words and comforting advice.

When was the last time you had a girls night in? I know life gets busy but try and pencil one into the diary, you will thank yourself for it later.

Roxie xo

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  1. June 13, 2019 / 12:40 pm

    Very well written….as a girl who had few good friends and lost almost all of them I use to do this with my girls then and it was fun while it lasts until life happens with everyone and we all went our separate ways.

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